Nati Cerutti


Nati Cerutti is an Argentinian artist, born 1991, based between Berlin and Copenhagen. She has a BA in Recording and Audio Production from Tecson University, Buenos Aires. She started her career as a DJ and developed her sounds through multiple collaborations with artists, djs and producers.


She has showcased her work worldwide including Sentimental Punk in Kotti Shop #30, Vorspiel Transmediale and CTM Special (Berlin), Gallery Haimney (Barcelona), La Radio (Barcelona) and London Design Festival (London). She recently featured on the newly released SPECTRAL SIGNS_01 compilation from Ghost City Collective (Italy) and is part of the ‘Young Talent’ selected by Fontaine b (Berlin). Since 2017, Cerutti has been working as part of Keiken, a collective based in London and Berlin, producing and giving sound direction. Keiken are a networked practice producing interactive art merging the latest technologies with contemporary art and music.


She is also the founder of ROT, a sound/media activism based on the experience and live synth[thesis] of works, creating a combination of live concrete elements to promote, push and open emerging artists working collaboratively. ROT is a combination of all arts focused on live music concerts and sound installation. It is the result of the ongoing scientific and artistic research of Nati Cerutti.


Her approach as an artist stems from the core of her experience of sound and extends into many forms including performance, sound art, installation, sculpture and new media to navigate different realms, both digital and analogue. Through various processes of sound crafting, synthesising, sonic scores, spatial sound, improvisation and text/sound composition she creates immersive, raw atmospheres. Her conceptual art production is defined by the simple expression of complex thought and experimentation. Using a blend of sonic pulses, voice manipulations, raw and dark sounds she creates blurring shifting states.






  "POME 3.0" @EmpowAIR Festival Keiken ft. Nati Cerutti & George Jasper Stone   - Berlin  

 2018  "Flora" // Haimney official  -  Barcelona


2018 "Honey, I'm Data!" GDPR Data Party! Live Stream.

2018 UmbruchThese // Upheaval - FREEHOME  -  Berlin.


2018 Institute for Immortal Technologies’s WORM - Whitespace, Edinburgh


2018 A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night - Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham


2018 Fuck Off - Limbo Limbo, London


2018 Edited Arts presents: Future Shock - New River Studios, London


 2017 Hervisions London - Second Home (Spitalfields), London


2017 Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled curated by Drive-Thru - Lewisham Arthouse, London

2017 Clinic //2 - Oxo Tower Wharf (as part of London Design Festival), London

2017 Bby Shower - Isthisit? Online exhibition




2016 AFFECT MODULE IV: COM(m)O(n) Club Radio: Time Travel.

[Agora Rollberg, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin]