AMI ME PARECE UN LIO TODO; DESPROLIJO:scruffy - draggle - shaggy




      The first day...                              After some months…


¼  [Nati Cerutti


¼ means different things...

Can be a room of a house, fraction a quarter and fourth, interval of the musical scale. And is useful to talk about the moon ... i mean crescent.


What i am doing is to use the expression whit number to refer of the part of the house.


Buenos Aires 2015 1/4

Cordoba, Argentina 2014 ¼



Out of space

¼ Nati Cerutti


I need a table                               I need a table


I need a table                                      [ Nati Cerutti ¼  ]  


wg i need 

Nati Cerutti 



looking for 1/4


why you are not going to translate. TALK WHIT ME.